Secrets of Low Paying Writing Assignments

Article by Wendy McCance

After receiving an email the other day, I realized that I have a little known secret about writing assignments that I would like to share with you.

This is a portion of an email I received:

Hi Wendy,

I have a post opp that pays $30 and requires one follow link. Would you be interested in taking on this writing assignment?  It will require a post with a minimum of 300 words and your keywords would be: (explanation was provided about the company and keywords to use)

The email was straightforward and provided all of the information I needed. But, here’s the secret, the person who emailed me seriously under cut the amount they were able to pay me for the assignment.

I wrote back explaining that of course I would need to mention that the writing assignment was a sponsored post and that my fee as listed on the pricing guide on my website would be $75.00 to write a 300 word article.

This is the response I received:

No problem Wendy, we haven’t worked together before so I just need to make a note of your rates.  This client isn’t paying that much, but I will let her know in case she changes her mind.

After investigating this person’s site, I found out that they offer a Blogger for Hire page.  Basically the page states, “Get added exposure by hiring additional bloggers.  I have a blogger network composed of an elite group of family friendly bloggers.


Now  you might think that there is nothing wrong with being offered $30.00.  I mean, after all it is money in your pocket.  If I had accepted the offer, I would have to research the company and their product and then would write the post.  Not only would I be making a very low amount for the amount of time it would take to do the work, but the company would get valuable exposure on my blog.  Just to supply their own post and have it run on my blog costs $65.00 for a 3oo word article (and that’s when they are supplying the article themself).


When you begin to consider taking on writing assignments, it’s important to figure out what you feel is a reasonable amount to charge.  Then, you need to stick with that amount.  Can you imagine if word got out that you did an article for such a low fee?  People wouldn’t take you seriously when you told them how much you charge.  Bartering would begin and you would lose out on an awful lot.


There is nothing wrong with sticking to a price you deem as fair.  Sure you might not get the $30.00 job, but in this case for example, this person found me and was impressed enough with my site to offer me an assignment.  I had never had any contact with them.  Who’s to say they won’t offer up another assignment down the road for the price I stated.


I look at my pricing chart the way a store owner looks at the prices they have placed on their merchandise.  The store owner must stick with the prices they stated.  If there was any bartering, they would end up overrun with lowball offers and eventually lose their business.


The key is to feel confident with the price structure you have set up.  My prices, for instance are rather low compared to many writers I know.  I base my prices on my experience and what I find to be a fair hourly rate (when it is all broken down).


What about you?  Have you been in this type of situation?  How did you handle it?  Do you stick to the prices you have set up?  Do you even have a price structure?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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